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Exhibition Hall

Exhibition hall

Korea Tourism Exhibit Hall

The Korea Tourism Exhibition Hall features two exhibitions: one tells the inside story of Cheongwadae and presidents of South Korea, and the other introduces the country’s beautiful culture and travel destinations.

Korea Tourism Exhibit Hall (1F). Based on the central lobby, the Korea Tourism Exhibition Center, information desk, stairs, and main entrance are located on the left side, and the souvenir shop, cafe, restroom, rest area, elevator, sub-entrance, and entrance are located on the right side.

Theme 1. A Travel to Cheongwadae

  • The History of Cheongwadae
    01. The History of Cheongwadae

    "Cheongwadae," which means "a house with blue rooftiles," is a place where the president of South Korea lives and works.
    The exhibition tells a story in detail, from the former location of Cheongwadae, which used to be the site of a royal palace during the Goryeo dynasty, to the present building.

  • Cheongwadae and Art
    02. Cheongwadae and Art

    The hall displays the various gifts received by the presidents of South Korea from heads of state and artworks from around the world.
    While viewing the artworks, viewers can see photos and details through the touchscreen.

  • Former presidents’ achievements and vacation
    03. Former presidents’ achievements and vacation

    You can shed light on the pictures and history of Korea’s former presidents.
    Plus, discover former presidents’ accomplishments and presidential holiday destinations.

Theme 2. Beautiful Korea

  • 01. Art Wall: "Let’s go, to the places of our dreams"

    This area was created by displaying photographs of Instagrammers who captured beautiful sceneries of Korea.
    The photographs, which fill the entire walls and ceilings, were selected from the official Instagram account of the Korea Tourism Organization (@travelgram_korea).

  • 02. UNESCO World Heritage sites in Korea: "The places recognized by the world"

    This is where visitors can find out about Korea’s cultural heritage sites designated by the UNESCO. Viewers can find information on World Heritage sites and tourist attractions in nearby areas.

  • 03. Kinetic Photo Zone: "The places the move your heart"

    This is a space where you can take photos of famous tourist spots in Korea.
    You can choose from beautiful seasonal spots, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, exciting festivals, and romantic night view spots. Plus, you can download your photos via QR code.